Amaury Aubrée-Dauchez

To counter a tightening of controls on data flows and the assets of their founders, Chinese companies might be well advised to establish or consolidate their presence in Switzerland

From the Chinese Wall to the Swiss Alps at the speed of light
From the Chinese Wall to the Swiss Alps at the speed of light


Recent developments in Beijing’s policy towards Chinese companies operating internationally suggest that the founders or managers of these companies should be interested in Switzerland. This article aims to take stock of the situation, to put it into a geostrategic context and to propose concrete and rapid solutions so that the…

Global Shared Services: what, why and how to for medium to large organisations

A case for deploying global business services in medium to large organisations


For optimising support functions and to keep up with the pace of change, both public and private business leaders need to develop flexible organisational structures and operating models; in that respect, shared services stand out as an imperative.

The Strategic Portfolio Management Manifesto or SPM Manifesto is a six-point call to action that outlines the objectives, principles and steps organisations, whether they are public or private, large or small, global or regional, need to embrace in order to outperform by aligning much better than before strategy with operations…

The National Guard

Experts consider communication to be a key process underlying all aspects of organisational management. Organisational communication is “the social glue… that continues to keep the organisation tied together” and “the essence of organisation”. Basically, the structure, extensiveness and scope of the organisation are almost entirely determined by communication techniques.


A short state of play

For most people, the critical milestone in the so-called fight between Man and Machine was on May 1997 when Garry Kasparov, the reigning world chess champion, was defeated of by a computer, namely Deep(er) Blue under official tournament conditions.

By 2005–2006, computer chess programs became clearly stronger than human chess…

View from the Chalet Lagettaz, one of the very few cottages in Switzerland available for rental accepting cryptos

At midnight yesterday, a trusted friend drops an email with this message in the body “Do you know Q”? Initially, I though that he’s just looked at some James Bond kinda movie.

Top 8 Q James Bond Moments

After clicking on his link, I had to confess: not yet; let’s…

Amaury Aubrée-Dauchez

28+ years in innovation and digital transformation. Distributed Ledger Technologies, AI & IoT will fundamentally reshape the world. We wanna be part of it.

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